Elinda A


Elinda-A LTD was established in 1990 with main business activity production and marketing of high quality men's and women's overcoats. The Company is 100% family owned ... more

Management and Market Positions

The structural and financial problems faced by the textile and garment industry in recent years make the business even more demanding and competitive. The Company strives to meet ... more


The main objective of the Company is to establish long-term partnership with experienced and reliable suppliers and subcontractors, not just cost reduction, as the permanent changing of partners leads to changes in the features and quality of the products ... more


Investments in new advanced equipment and software allow Elinda-A LTD to increase significantly its production capacity and to increase the level of its technology ... more

Marketing and Advertisement

The marketing strategy of Elinda-A LTD is focused to the individual preferences of the customers and it intends to meet as much as possible their specific requirements for quality ... more

Sustainability and Standards

Elinda-A LTD constantly expands its activities, optimizes its manufacturing processes, increases its output and quality and achieves sustainable competitiveness on the international markets in the long term ... more

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